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Bellevue Auto Accident Lawyers

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    Most people want to know the length of time it takes to resolve and settle an auto accident personal injury case.


    Question: So you want to know how long it takes to settle an auto accident personal injury case?


    Answer: It depends and can vary drastically. It can take as little of a short few months or depending on the case and the type of injuries and the cause of the accident and the amount of compensation, it could take many months or years. Cases that take longer are more serious injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, or back and neck injuries, or death caused by reckless driving and accidents caused by a DUI / DWI drunk driver or repeat offender. Cases that take less time are often cases of whiplash that are not too serious.


    Theree important factors in the length of time assessment for resolving an auto accident personal injury case, are: 1) the insurance company involved and their specific policies for wanting to resolve cases rather than just sit on it and see what happens after a few months or years, 2) the nature of the inuries, in particular if these injuries are serious or if death was cased as a result of the accident, 3) Your auto accident lawyers and how you agree to the plan of action for either settlement or pursing a lawsuit in court and letting trial decision be the basis of the case.


    The insurance companies will settle quickly if the amount is very low and almost silly so they can avoid a lengthy process and even trial at court. On the other hand, for a real fair compensation, in the cases of more serious injuries, they will try to make it as hard as possible and take as long as possible and create as many obstacles as possible to make the injured (the claimant) give up before completely running out of money for his/her injuries and their family. The insurance companies are not in business to lose money and therefore they want to pay out as little as possible no matter what the injuries, no matter how the injured party is affected by the accident, and no matter what their reputation for games and tricks.


    If the insurance company is unreasonable there is few options left other than to go to trial. In such circumstances, trial can take as little of 6 months to a year or as long as 2, 3 or even 4 years. It can become a lengthy process for more serious injuries where the circumstances are somewhat complex. For DUI / DWI Drunk Driver cases, however, it could take as little as one or two years in court if the insurance company does not wish to settle.


    As a general pointer, insurance companies do usually settle up to 6 times the expense and healthcare cost of the injury. This is not in every case, but generally it holds true. However, it is always best to consult with an auto accident lawyer regarding the specifics of a personal injury case to obtain the best information from the circumstances and make sure that you get what you deserve and nothing less.


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